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Tracked annual sales

Overview page with graphs and analytics

Overview Dashboard

  • Visualise the history of your sales and returns over flexible time periods
  • Easily navigate and filter your sales data for different time periods
  • See your top performing products in order of revenue generated and units sold
  • Compare and visualise your returns losses
Example of the buybox tracker

Buybox Tracking & Auto-Pricing

  • Automate price adjustments to win the Buybox
  • Set a minimum & preferred price for each of your offers
  • Immediate email notifications when a buybox winner changes
  • Get notified when there is a new Buybox winner for your offer
Products page listing all your products and their statistics

Product List

  • Easily filter your products by stock status, price, name or many more fields
  • See revenue totals, statuses and stock levels for all your products
  • Fast response times and search results

Live data feed

Your dashboard data feed is live and continuously updated. That means you'll always have the latest information available with no manual work involved.

Customer driven

We would love to be in communication with you to help improve our understanding of what you need from us in your business.

Frequent updates

We are actively developing and improving the software every day. If you encounter any problems, you can expect us to fix it ASAP!

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"We use Palmetrics to keep up to date with our Takealot listings and it helps us clarify all the data that is also available on Takealot but in a far more logical layout with valuable insights that ultimately mean quicker, smarter decisions concerning our product range and sales data.

I see Palmetrics becoming the next big thing in simplified data analysis leading to quicker decisions that convert into more sales for brands selling online. "

Vusani Ravele - Managing Craftsman at Native Decor
"We started using Palmetrics when they just launched! Palmetrics has made managing our takealot account so much easier by simply displaying and showing all the details in their dashboard.

This helps you make decisions alot quicker and also helps us to manage our stock levels between our warehouses in the UK and SA by giving you exact data of sales and numbers. If you are serious about scaling your takealot store we would highly recommend you signing up to this platform."

Renaldo Bothma - Founder & Director at Botthms
"Great piece of software, has really helped us at Definitive Brands Group with tracking sales, demand patterns and returns on the Takealot Marketplace platform!

This tool has made it much easier for our Marketplace team to set and track sales goals and ensure that we have our best selling products in stock as needed. Can definitely recommend it!"

Chandré Naudé - Managing Member at Definitive Water
Palmetrics is the service we never knew we needed! Their tools and reporting is absolutely life changing as an online business competing for market space on Takealot.

Their software has saved us so much time and money. Definitely worth every single cent.

Jade Tizzone - We Love Gadgets
"The software has been a massive help to our business in tracking and viewing product sales on TakeAlot Marketplace. The summaries give an instant picture on how sales are going and the notifications on low stock and returns have been a game changer.

These guys are regularly adding new features and have great customer service. Would highly recommend!"

THor Normann - Founder at The Beach Bums

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