Buybox Auto-Pricing

Automate price adjustments to win the Takealot Buybox

Winning the Buybox is one of the most important things you can do to increase sales on Takealot.

Set your minimum and preferred prices for your offers and let Palmetrics automatically set your prices to win the Buybox.

What is the Buybox?
Example of buybox tracker table

Flexible customisation

You set your minimum price and your preferred price for each offer you'd like to automate.

We'll automatically set your price lower than the current Buybox winner's price to let you win, until it reaches your minimum price.

When there is less competition, your price will automatically be set to your as close to your preferred price as possible so you don't lose out on your profit unnecessarily, while maintaining the winning position.

Explore Auto-Pricing via an interactive demo

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Transparent activity logs

We've created the Activity tab to transparently show you why, when and how we're updating each of your offers.

Keep track of the old price, new price, competing prices, configured min & preferred prices, offer count and more for each automated action.

Example of activity table

Stay up-to-date via email

Receive an email notification when:

  • there is a new winner for a product
  • a product has reached it's minimum price

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4 week free trial, including 10 Buybox trackers.

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