New Buybox Tracker!

We're excited to announce a reworked, rebuilt and redesigned Buybox Tracker

The new Buybox Tracker can be found in the same place in the app as before, and everyone receives the update at the same time.

If you have any questions or experience any issues with the new tracker, please contact us for assistance at

Why the rebuild?

The original tracker was built quickly due to customer demand and evolved as we learned more about our users and their needs.

The result was a functional but bloated page with a lot of different components and non-intuitive workflows (and a few bugs!)

Our goal was to make it:

  • easier to use on smaller screens
  • easier for new users to understand the steps to get started
  • simpler for power users to quickly scan and digest relevant information through a more compact design
  • more productive for us as developers to build new features on top of it

New features

A streamlined, purpose-built tracker with all the original functionality plus a bit more.

You can configure auto-pricing by clicking on a product, clicking 'Edit' and then configuring your minimum and preferred price.

Bulk updates via CSV 

You can now bulk update your products in the Buybox Tracker by exporting a CSV file, editing it and importing it again.

You can view the detailed guide here

Search Activity Logs

You can now search Activity logs for specific products to see what changes the auto-pricing has made for that product.

Just click on the 'Activity' tab and type into the search bar at the top.

Product Detail Popup

You can now click on a product to open a modal window that provides you with:

  • A summary of offer count, status and stock
  • The buybox winner's name
  • The Auto-Pricing configuration

Product Identifier

You can choose what Identifier to list products under:

  • PLID (ID)
  • GTIN
  • TSIN
  • SKU
  • Title (default)

Filter by Auto-Price status

You can now filter your products based on these states:

  • Actively Competing: your product is between it's minimum and preferred price
  • Minimum Reached: your product has reached it's configured minimum price
  • Preferred Reached: your product has reached it's configured preferred price

Buybox Statistics

You can view the statistics for all your buybox-tracked offers under 'VIEW DETAILS' in the top right.

This will give you a breakdown of how many of your offers have reached their minimum or preferred price and how many are 'actively competing' (between your minimum and preferred price)

You will also see the 'Winning' and 'Losing' breakdown which was previously located at the top of the table.

Bug fixes

Previously, moving between pages (page 1, 2, 3 etc.) didn't work very well all the time. This has been fixed.

Additionally, previously you couldn't view more than 50 products at a time. This has been fixed as well. You can now see as many products as you like, just keep hitting 'Load More' at the bottom.

Lastly, the sorting did not work on the old table. Now it works quite well. You can sort by any column by clicking on 'SORTING' and choosing the column to sort by.

If you have any issues or feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know at

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