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Free access for Takealot sellers that earn less than R50,000/month in revenue

Who is Palmetrics?

Palmetrics is a software company with a specific focus on helping Takealot merchants scale and grow their businesses. The software is specifically designed for Takealot merchants to gain deeper insights into their sales and business data so they can increase revenue and optimise their profit margins. 

Palmetrics is a privately held company and Takealot is completely aware of our software offering, but we are not affiliated or endorsed by Takealot in any way. 

Why are we giving away free access? 

In short, these are exceptionally difficult times and we hope that as a small company ourselves, we can do our part to try and help stimulate growth for small businesses within the e-commerce sector by providing free access to our tools that help Takealot merchants scale and grow their businesses. 

Ethical business practice is a core belief within Palmetrics. There are no hidden fees or costs for our free account.

What is included in the free access? 

When you sign up you’ll immediately get access to 10 Buybox trackers which includes email notifications for any changes to your tracked products, additionally, you’ll receive full access to our sales analytics tools so you can quickly and easily understand the performance of your store without going through the laborious task of capturing or interpreting your sales data on an excel spreadsheet.

How would I use this software?   

Your full Takealot sales history will be available to you, so you can  go back and view specific time periods to see which products performed best at what time of year, with the quantity that was sold and at what price. So you can always stay a step ahead with product planning and forecasting for the year.

Make sure you’re not running out of stock with our low-stock email notifications. Quickly see which distribution centre handles what volume of your sales from a broad overview right down to the individual product, so you know which fulfilment centre needs what quantity of your stock. 

Stay ahead of your competition by using the Buybox tracker to allow you to know if your competitor is undercutting your price on a product as well as letting you know if you’re winning against competing offers. 

These are just a few of the ways you can use our software to gain a competitive advantage. 

Is there anything else I should know before trying out your software?  

Yes, there most certainly is! 

We’re a young dynamic company with a strong focus on delivering the best product and service we possibly can. 

It’s in our best interest to ensure our product helps you succeed. That being said, we have a ton of features in our development pipeline so this is only the start, additionally, we take input from our customers very seriously to determine which features to bring out next. 

Join our community and get ahead of your competition and take advantage of the power of our software. 

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